30 Jan

A prominent online retailer has ventured into the residential locking hardware market, offering a range of both mechanical and electronic door locks under their own brand. Additionally, they provide other house lock brands, which appear to me to originate from the same manufacturer but are marketed under ridiculously different names. 

Lately, I've been receiving numerous requests from customers to re-key these locks, whether for the issuance of new keys or the need to key them with a single key. However, my experience has revealed that the quality of these locks leaves much to be desired. Upon disassembly, which is often difficult, it became evident that the clips on the rear of the cylinders lack the hardness required and are prone to deformation. Furthermore, the pin tumbler chambers do not consistently meet the proper sizing standards, causing difficulties when inserting standard pins. In some cases, this makes the insertion of pins nearly impossible. 

I must note that these locks have great reviews! But, as a well-reviewed locksmith business with genuine reviews, let me tell you that there are people out there getting fake as well as real reviews. However, these reviews cover installation and unproven usage over a short period of time. These locks are new to the market, after all. But I can imagine what will happen when people who bought these locks need them rekeyed. 

It's worth noting that some local hardware store brands, such as Defiant, available at retailers like Lowes or Home Depot, offer superior quality compared to the locks offered by the aforementioned online giants. 

One compelling reason to consider purchasing brand-name locks from local hardware stores is the assurance of their commitment to customer satisfaction. They readily offer refunds and support if any quality issues arise. 

Drawing upon my extensive experience in the field, I strongly recommend that everyone opt for reputable brand-name locks when making online purchases. Doing so will not only provide peace of mind but also spare you from potential hassles and complications down the road.

My advice? Stay away from cheap locks offered by the giant online retailer. Buy the name brands locally, locks like Kwikset and Schlage.

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